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Sifnos is the ideal island for those who like walking. The fans of walking will have the chance to follow many alternative paths. Get a map of the paths from the island’s stores and start exploring the island or if you need a guide, contact the travel agencies of the island to get information on how to participate in the organized walks that take place!

To enjoy the rare beauty of the landscape of Sifnos, you must walk in the old scenic paths as several areas have no alternative access. Only by path you can visit Agios Sostis with ancient gold mines, the ancient acropolis of Agios Nikitas in Seladi, Prophet Elias Apsilos (means the tall), Panagia Tosso Nero, most of the 76 scattered on the island ancient towers (6ou- 3rd cent. BC) and some uniquely beautiful beaches.

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Latest news on Sifnos’ paths

In 2015 the MUNICIPALITY OF SIFNOS, in cooperation with the organization Paths of Greece, has implemented a project regarding the new, modern, complete sign-posting of 19 main paths of Sifnos.

The beginning of the path that leads at Prophet Elias in Sifnos

The hikers now have all the necessary information (duration, direction, connection to other paths, bus stop location etc.) to enjoy their hiking trail without any stress, even if their hiking experience is short or non-existent.

Therefore, Sifnos now has one of the most updated path networks all over Europe and those who have already explored it are exited.

Browse digitally through the paths of Sifnos, via Google Street View!

Over 100 kilometers of trails mapped with the Google Trekker.

Browse digitally through the trails of Sifnos

TWINNING of the network of walking trails in Sifnos with the Jeju Olle trail of Jeju Island in Southern Korea

‘Sifnos Trails’, the walking trails of Sifnos, were twinned with the Jeju Olle trail on Jeju Island in Southern Korea.

Suh Myong Sook walks the trails of Sifnos

On the initiative of the Social Enterprise Paths of Greece, the CITY OF SIFNOS and the JEJU OLLE FOUNDATION on Wednesday May 11 2016 twinned their trails.

It is the first time a Greek network of trails participates in trail twinning, a programme of the World Trails Network.

Jeju Olle is one of the most famous trails of Asia. It is located on Jeju Island in Southern Korea which receives about 13,000,000 visitors each year. The trail is 425 kilometres long with a number of visitors close to 2 million hikers per year!

The founder of the trail, Suh Myong Sook, following the prompting of the ‘Paths of Greece’, visited Sifnos, walked many of its trails and once she had a rounded overview of the natural and cultural wealth of the island, she signed enthusiastically the twinning of the network of trails of Sifnos with the Jeju Olle in Southern Korea.


Besides the information signs and the maps located in the villages, you will also find signs at the starting point of every path, at crossroads and wherever else they are required (see photos). At the top of the sign columns there are red and white lines, while on the signs you can find basic information regarding each path (path number, destination, duration, length). All along the paths you will find international signs in red and white, showing that you are still following the correct path.

Those who wish to discover some of the non-marked paths of Sifnos can use hiking maps that can be bought in the island’s bookstores or they can find a professional guide.

NOTE: Since the paths’ marking has been completed on May 2015, it is possible that your map doesn’t include them. Don’t worry though, sign-posting is so good that you won’t be facing any problem!

Mycenaean Citadel of Agios Andreas

You can visit the Mycenaean Citadel of Agios Andreas with the homonymous church on its top, which has been built in 1701. The climbing to the top is not at all tiring, it takes about 25 minutes and it is realized through a narrow spiral path. The view from the highest spot of the hill is magic and it makes it up to who decides to visit it.

Ancient Acropol of Agios Andreas in Sifnos

Here, there is one of the most important archaeological sites of Sifnos. The archaeological findings here show that the place has been constantly inhabited from the Mycenean to the Hellenistic times. The excavations have brought into light a big part of the Mycenean wall of the 12th century B.C. in that wall there are ruins of five buildings, possibly residences. The site is open for the public every day till the setting of the sun. You can also visit the arcaeological area by car.

To Vathi

Walk on the path which starts from the small church on the road to Vathi, "Agia Marina of Kade".

The trail that lead to Vathi in Sifnos

Pass through "Agios Ioannis the Mavro Chorio" which took its name after a fire which burned down the whole area during the antiquity to get finally to Vathi.

Prophet Elias

Climb up to the Monastery of Prophitis Elias, the highest monastery of Sifnos which is situated 695 meters from the sea level, by taking the path that starts next to "Moni Fyrogion".

While climbing you can admire the beautiful nature of Sifnos in its virgin form, since the entire route passes through an area which is protected by the project Natura 2000. When you arrive at the Monastery, and you face the panoramic view of the island you will be struck dumb.

The monastery of Prophet Elias in Sifnos
While you are at the Monastery of Prophitis Helias visit the catacombs.

To Agios Sostis

From the district of Agios Minas, on the road to Cheronissos, take the path which leads to the monastery of Agios Sostis, which is situated near the ancient mines of gold.

Here, at the ancient times, they used to extract the ore from which they used to make the golden eggs that they were sending every year to the Oracle of Delphi, where you shall also find the "Treasure of the residents of Sifnos". The view of the Ocean from the monastery is beautiful!

Artemonas - Kastro - Faros

Take a walk starting from Artemonas towards the "Moni of Panagia Poulatis", where you shall discover the wild beauty of its rocks and you will admire the imposing "rock of the killer".

From there, take another path along the beach which leads to the magic Kastro. The entire route is easy, therefore if you wish, you can take from Kastro another path which passes through the picturesque agricultural regions and leads to the beautiful and picturesque village of fishermen, Faros.

From Faros starts a short paved trail, that leads to Chrissopigi. Follow it! The entire route is seaside and is lighted.

Download for free the file that contains basic useful information on the marked paths of Sifnos.

See more information on the marked trails of the island here

Suh Myong Sook walks the trails of Sifnos The beach of Fikiada as seen from the path The trail that leads to the chapel of Ai Nikolas in Cheronissos The trail from Apollonia to the Monastery of Vrissi The trail from Artemonas to the church Panagia Magana, in Sifnos The trail from Apollonia to Kamares The chapel Panagia tou Nigiou The trail that leads to Kastro, with flowers The central villages of Sifnos, as seen from the trail of Prophet Elias Trail in the Natura 2000 area of Sifnos The path from Platis Gialos to Fikiada beach Post-signing of the trails

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