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Christian tradition of Greece

The churches, places intended to meet the needs of Christian worship, are a characteristic and inextricable element of the Greek landscape. Their decoration - whether painting, mosaic or other - always reflects the Orthodox doctrine, following specific style trends and established iconographic programmes. Over the centuries, important architects, builders or painters have contributed to the construction and decoration of the Greek churches, many of which now are scheduled monuments.

Chapel in Sifnos

Like the churches, monasteries are closely connected with the history and tradition of Greece. By "monastery" we mean the total number of buildings in which monks or, more generally, the members of a religious community live. Monasteries comprise a central church (called the Catholicon), chapels, the monks’ cells, guest houses, the dining room (the refectory), the kitchen, the library, etc.

The institution of monasticism first made its appearance in the 4th century A.D. with the anchorites (or hermits) and spread very quickly to other areas of the then Byzantine empire. It reached a peak around the 10th century A.D. and this led to the establishment of many monasteries.

The churches of Sifnos

In Sifnos there are 235 churches and monasteries! Many of its churches and monasteries have been characterized historical monuments and they present a huge architectural interest!

Here, we mention some of the churches and monasteries of Sifnos:

  • Exabela: Monastery of Vryssiani
  • Apollonia: Panagia "Geraniofora", the churches of Stavros and of Agios Sozon, the Monastery of Theologos the Mougos
  • Katavati: Panagia Angeloktisti (means built by angels)
  • Kato Petali: the Monastery of Chrissostomos
  • Pano Petali: Panagia the Gournia, Agios Antypas
  • Artemonas: Agios Konstantinos, Panagia of Ammos, Panagia Kochi, Panagia of Bali, the Monastery of Panagia Poulati at the east coast of Sifnos below Artemonas
  • Platis Gialos: Panagia tou Vounou over Platis Gialos
  • the Monastery of Panagia Chrissopigi the protector of Sifnos
  • Faros: the Monastery of Stavros
  • Kastro: the churches of Panagia Eleoussa, Theoskepasti, Agios Nikolaos, of the Assumption of the Virgin, of Ioannis Prodromos, of Agios Stefanos, and of Efta Martires
  • Cheronissos: Agios Giorgis Afentis (means the master), the Monastery of Agios Polycarpos
  • Vathi: the Monastery of Taxiarches (the Taxiarchis)
  • Monastery of Agios Symeon above Kamares
  • Agii Anargyri in Agia Marina and on the road Kamares-Apollonia. The two churches of Agioi Anargyroi communicate through an underground river.
  • the Monastery of Prophitis Helias the Psilos (means the tall)
  • the Monastery of Panagia to Toso Nero
  • the church of Panagia of Kitriani or Cypriani on the island of Kitriani outside Platis Gialos which dates from the late 10th-11th century

Just outside Katavati, you can find the Monastery of Panagia of Fyrrogeion which in 1978 was awarded the Europa Nostra honorary diploma because of its outstanding construction. During summer, exhibitions of hagiography, painting, and photography are hosted in the premises of the monastery whilst on the outer courtyard area, musical events and theatrical performances are carried out.

The Monastery of Vryssiani, which has been built in the 17th century, lodges the Museum of Ecclesiastic Art and among its exhibited articles there are old publications’ issues, one Gospel of 1796, reliquaries, cherubims, sacred ware, vestments, icons etc.


The church of Agioi Anargiroi on the road to Kamares The small church of Agios Nikolas Aerina The chapel of Agios Georgios ta Livadakia The monastery of Chrissopigi, protector of the island The chapel of 7 Martyres, in Kastro The monastery of Firogia in Sifnos The monastery of Panagia Vrissiani, after the village of Exabela The church Panagia tou Vounou, overlooking Platis Gialos bay The monastery of Panagia Poulati The monastery of Prophet Elias, on the taller mountain of Sifnos The monastery of Stavros at the beach Fassolou, in Faros The church Taxiarhis Mersinis The chapel of Panagia Troulakiani, on the road to Cheronissos A church in Sifnos

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