When to visit Sifnos

The seasons in Sifnos and what you shall find in Sifnos in every period.

Visit Sifnos all seasons!

Aromas of wildflowers and cheerful voices of children fill the air in spring, bronzed young people play with the waves in summer, songs for the vintage and feasts at the oil presses make up the autumn, red wine and tidbits around the stove are typical elements of the winter season.

Sifnos invites you to discover it all year round. A mosaic of landscapes and traditions, interwoven with the island hospitality unfolds before you. Discover it.


In spring time Sifnos, the beautiful island of Cyclades, it at its best with the bloomy courtyards and the hundreds of colors of the wild flowers that embellish it.

It is the season when all the landladies of Sifnos, who are also called "Chiones" (in English: snow-whites), because of their cleanness, are making the preparations for the Easter and they start painting their houses and freshening up the paint of the joints in the courtyards and in the alleys in front of their houses! The same thing happens in all the stores around Sifnos that get prepared to welcome you.

The trail from Apollonia to Kato Petali, at the springtime in Sifnos

And then the Easter comes with the Resurrection of Jesus Christ, the revival of the nature and the new beginning of life and the first of May, the feast of the flowers and the day which reminds us of the fights given by men for a better life. Sifnos promises an unforgettable Easter.

Come to Sifnos and pass these Holy Days in devoutness and experience the manners and customs (tsounia, kounistres, the burning of Judas etc.) of our wonderful island. And after the resurrection, taste the traditional mastelo and the honey pie, tastes that you shall never forget!

  • Walk its trails
  • Attend a feast
  • Live a memorable Easter
  • Make your first swim


In summer, Sifnos unfolds its magic cloak!

Would you like to spend quiet family holidays, romantic times with your partner or revel with your friends? Sifnos is the ideal island for you.

Enjoying the sun and the sea at the beach of Faros

Enjoy the beaches of the island, walk the beautiful traditional settlements, discover exceptional trails, visit archeological sites and old Byzantine churches and monasteries, take part in the festivities!

  • Swim in the crystal clear waters
  • Have fun till morning
  • Wander around the alleys


During autumn, the pace of life on the island is gradually restored. Many visitors who flooded the island in summer are leaving and here comes October, the so-called "little summer" as characterized by most visitors who have done their homework! The first rains give back the green outfit to the island which floods with vivid wildflowers which bear exceptional colored touches.

A rainbow in Artemonas of Sifnos, in an autumn day

This is the best season to go swimming at the quiet yet, warm beaches. It is the perfect period to attend local feasts of the island along with the locals, who carefree now can have fun.

  • Walk its trails
  • Attend a feast
  • Enjoy your swim without crowds
  • Cheaper stay


Winter in Sifnos is mild with frequent rains and high sunshine periods. Although the temperature drops, the mood for excursions and outings is constant.

The mountains, green from the fall, are colored with cyclamens and anemones. It is worth walking the trails and take some leisurely strolls through the settlements.

A winter landscape in Sifnos. At the back the village of Agios Loukas

The choices in shops and restaurants are less than other seasons, but everywhere around the island you will find some that are open. The few visitors of the island have the unique opportunity to live with the locals the peaceful, close to nature life that everyone wants.

If you are a winter swimmer, then take a swim in Faros with the local swimmers and if the weather allows it -not at all unlikely- lie on the beach for sunbathing!

  • Walk its trails
  • Live the unique experience of a winter feast


Spring in Sifnos Men holding the Epitaph for people to pass under Heavy clouds over the village of Kastro in Sifnos The church of Panagia Poulati in a spring day Blooming hibiscus in the village of Agios Loukas Summer in Sifnos. Kamares beach The sun sets at the gulf of Kamares Walking at the path leading to Flabouro, in an autumn day Walking at the paths of Sifnos, in winter A landscape with wild flowers and at the back the central villages The church of Taxiarhis tis Skafis, in a sunny winter day

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