Cycladic Gastronomy Festival Nikolaos Tselemedes

Presentation of Tselementes festival in Artemonas of Sifnos

The unique Cycladic Gastronomy Festival in all Cyclades

Every September, Artemonas hosts the "Nikolaos Tselemendes" Cycladic Gastronomy Festival. The festival-institution lasts three days and needs international recognition.

Although it has not yet been officially announced, the most likely dates for the Festival in 2024: 19, 20 and 21 September.

What's happening at the festival?

Delegations mainly from the islands of the Cyclades, together with some from the rest of Greece and abroad, meet in Sifnos and present their special culinary and cultural tradition.

Each region has its own stand in the central square of Artemona, where amateurs, together with professional cooks and chefs, prepare and present the recipes of their place. Visitors can try these flavors at the kiosks of each region, accompanied by local drinks.

In a landscaped corner of the square, the "Clementakia" (children aged 6 to 12), dressed in aprons and colorful cooking caps, participate in cooking games and competitions, made to measure.

The festival opens its doors to the public every day at 19.00, while at the end of each day, at 22.00, music and dance events begin with traditional purposes of Sifnos and the rest of the regions.

Entrance to the festival is free and the food offered is a treat.

You are all invited!

Parallel events

Presentations of traditional customs and arts , such as pottery and wickerwork, the representation of a traditional wedding etc.

A small bazaar with products and treats from the participating islands (at the central alley of Artemonas)

Exhibitions of photography, painting, etc. at the primary school of Artemonas, at the Cultural Center of Sifnos "Marianthi Simou" and at the Prokou Foundation

Exhibitions of photos, paintings etc. ("Marianthi Simou" cultural center)

Seaside cooking. As part of the three-day Festival, every morning, next to the sea, under the responsibility of the local associations, there is a demonstration of the preparation of traditional recipes. Local treats are offered.

The Cultural Association of Sifnos was awarded in 2016 for the Cycladic Gastronomy Festival "Nikolaos Tselementes", with the Gold Award «European Gastronomic Festival 2016», the allocation of which was made by CEUCO (European Council Brotherhoods Gastronomy and Enology).


Wooden windmill at the Cycladic Gastronomy Festival in Sifnos Kids cooking at the Tselementes Festival Kids cooking at the Tselementes Festival Presentation of pottery art at the Cycladic Gastronomy Festival in Sifnos Pottery art lessons at the Cycladic Gastronomy Festival in Sifnos Presentation of a traditional recipe from Syros, at the Cycladic Gastronomy Festival Presentation of Greek traditional dances at the Cycladic Gastronomy Festival Presentation of Greek traditional dances by children at the Cycladic Gastronomy Festival Presentation of pottery art at the Cycladic Gastronomy Festival The small bazaar at the alley of Artemonas, at the Cycladic Gastronomy Festival

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