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When to visit Sifnos. Seasons


When is worth visiting the island?

Visit Sifnos all seasons!

Aromas of wildflowers and cheerful voices of children fill the air in spring, bronzed young people play with the waves in summer, songs for the vintage and feasts at the oil presses make up the autumn, red wine and tidbits around the stove are typical elements of the winter season.

Sifnos invites you to discover it all year round. A mosaic of landscapes and traditions, interwoven with the island hospitality unfolds before you. Discover it.


Ferry tickets

Itineraries - Tickets

Car rentals in Sifnos

Car rentals

Wedding in Sifnos

Wedding in Sifnos

The magic is here!

Small chapels on the seafront, breathtaking views, photo shooting on the sand overlooking the sunset, party till dawn with unique tastes of Sifnos, experienced partners.

Sifnos is the ideal place for a perfect wedding!


Hotels and rooms in Sifnos


Hotels, rooms and houses in Sifnos

The island offers accommodation for all tastes and budgets. Choose the one that best suits you and make your stay in Sifnos unforgettable. All you need is to have timely planning!

Our Suggestions

trails and hiking in Sifnos


Trails in the magic of nature

One of the biggest trail networks in Greece and perhaps the best marked one is found in Sifnos.

During your stay on the island, it is worth to follow at least one trail and enjoy the splendor of nature.

The trails of Sifnos

Care for something more relaxing?

Choose a
leisurely walk

Religious feasts in Sifnos

Visit the feasts

Experience the traditions!

For almost each of the 235 churches of the island, a feast is organized on the eve of the church's celebration in the afternoon.

After vespers the feast begins! Food and wine is offered and the feast lasts till morning with traditional songs and dances of the island accompanied by the music of local instrumentalists.

Find out in which churches there will be a feast during your stay and visit at least one. It is a unique experience and you're all invited by the «panigirades» i.e. the people who undertake the organization of the feast!


The big table-trapeza at a feast of Sifnos
Pottery art in Sifnos


Pottery (art and tradition)

Sifnos island, since ancient times, has a great tradition in pottery, an art which is still practiced to date.

Do not miss the opportunity to visit one of the many ceramic shops located in all villages of the island.


Local products of Sifnos

Meet our products

Sifnos, due to its geography and the natural environment, has not been able to have a large production in products. The small but many producers continue to produce their products in a traditional way and that is why their quality is unsurpassed.

Products of Sifnos


  • dairy products (cheeses, yoghurt)
  • bee products (honey, wax, beeswax)
  • traditional desserts

art products

  • ceramics (utilitarian and ornamental)
  • handmade jewellery
  • clothing, accessories, loom products



Beaches of Sifnos


25 beaches waiting to be discovered

Are you lovers of the beach? Do you like deep waters and diving off cliffs? Are you looking for secluded shores?

Sifnos has beaches you are looking for!

Information on all the beaches

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The weather

Bad weather? Walk a trail!

Restaurants in Sifnos


For food and drink, the options in Sifnos are many.

Sifnos, birthplace of the famous Greek chef Nikolaos Tselementes, is the island where you can eat well in the majority of restaurants.

From meticulous fish-bars to traditional taverns and all day cafés, your palate will surely get satisfied.

Restaurants in Sifnos

Traditional recipes that you must try at least once are: «revithada» i.e. slow baked chick pea stew (baked in a clay pot over night in a wood oven), cooked caper salad, mastelo (lamb in a wooden oven roasted in red wine) and chickpea balls.

Do not forget to try the unique cheeses of the island namely spicy gylomeni manoura, chloromanoura and xynomyzithra.

Villages in Sifnos


Discover Sifnos. Meet its settlements

The traditional settlements of the island constitute the key element of the traditional architecture and cultural heritage and physiognomy of Greece and are a source of beauty and inspiration.

Wander the cobbled streets, admire the traditional architecture of stone (mainly) and wood. Drink your coffee, or have a sage concotion in a traditional café and enjoy the peace of mind that the place gives you.

Villages full of life or peace, villages with incredible views and villages on the seafront. The island has it all. Discover Sifnos!

The villages of Sifnos (map)

Archaeological sites


Museums, beacons, citadels.

Visit the award-winning by Europa Nostra Mycenaean Acropolis of Agios Andreas (12th century BC) and its museum with the impressive views towards the eastern part of Sifnos.

Admire the exhibits of the archaeological museum in Kastro, the church museum in Vrysi monastery, and the folklore museum in Apollonia.

Learn about the ancient communication network of the island with the 76 ancient towers – beacons (6th-3rd century BC) and see up close their remnants within the settlements or the countryside.

Ideas for your holidays!

You have a boat?

Holidays or quick stop in Sifnos?

Organized marina, harbors and shelters that are protected from all winds. The options for mooring in Sifnos are many and the short distances with the other islands of the Cyclades make it the perfect basis for daily excursions.

It’s down to you to choose: Holidays in Sifnos or island hopping?

What you should know before you moor

Unique beaches and coasts

See your accommodation choices

Rent a car

Explore the villages

Bars and clubs in Sifnos


Sports and activities in Sifnos


Festival of Gastronomy Tselementes


Cycladic Gastronomy Festival "Nikolaos Tselementes"

Every year, at the beginning of September, Artemonas hosts the "Nikolaos Tselementes" Cycladic Gastronomy Festival.

It is a three-day festival, which has become an institution and is internationally recognized.


  • The festival opens its doors for the public every day at 19.00
  • At the end of each day, there are music and dance events
  • The entrance to the festival is free and the food that is offered is for free too.
  • Parallel events are daily organized throughout Sifnos
Walk around Sifnos

Relaxed walks

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